defensive driving final exam answers

defensive driving exam
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defensive driving exam

Defensive Drivers – Keeping The World Safe and Sound For Generations To Come

You’ll find plenty of bad drivers out on the highways, and they contribute to many accidents. Regrettably, typically, the people who are hurt did not cause the accident. Whether or not you dislike it, every time you get in the driver’s seat in your car you have to drive defensively. It’s in your best interest to understand what other drivers are doing so you won’t be surprised at their next actions.

When you’re driving, there are lots of things you can do to be all set for the unexpected. Among the best things to do is always to constantly be on guard. If you’re navigating a car, you don’t need to be talking to other passengers or someone on your mobile phone or even looking at things by the side of the road. The aim of driving should be to transport you and your passengers from one location to another uneventfully. Accidents tend to be caused by distractions, most notable changing stations on the radio, talking on a cell phone, grooming yourself, and just dealing with other passengers in the car.

While a lot of places in the United States and around the world have made talking on cell phones while driving illegal, people continue to do so anyway. Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the mobile phone can cause a lot of problems as your attention is not fully on the road. It is extremely simple to get so interested in your conversation, that you aren’t even thinking about what you are seeing on the road in front of you. If something suddenly pops up and you need to react quickly in order to prevent an accident, your lack of concentration may make it difficult if not impossible for you to react in time. There is no way to foresee when driving conditions may suddenly change so you need to be ever vigilant.

You need to concentrate because you can never predict when you may come up on a pothole or something else in the road. The majority of roadways are pretty much safe to drive on, but harmful things can get on the road, like stuff falling off a garbage truck, or a construction vehicle, and also many places rocks can roll down onto the road. Things like this make accidents possible when you least expect them. When the driver inadvertently comes across something in the road when he is driving at normal speed, his car will experience some damage even if it is relatively minor. However, conditions could be dangerous enough that you may collide with another vehicle or maybe roll your own vehicle. Think about how many times you have had to swerve to miss something in the road, and if you weren’t paying attention what might have happened.

If there is a chance of animals or pedestrians being in the vicinity, it is especially important that you pay attention to what’s going on around you. A defensive driver will be on the alert for them at all times. It will be a pity if you injured someone with your careless, inattentive driving when they were doing nothing wrong.

defensive driving exam answers
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defensive driving exam answers