Looking for Your Driving Record to Help You to Reduce Your Traffic Ticket in Court? I Have a Better Idea!

Driving recordShowing DMV driving record to the court can be good – when the record is clean. And what are you going to do when it is not? Worse, even a clean one may not help a tiny bit, if you face a particularly nasty judge.

There are many speeding ticket defense strategies; some of them are better than others. Driving record all by itself is not a viable strategy. While it can be an addition to some strategies, it is fairly weak on its own. Basically, when you show your record to the judge, you are admitting you were wrong. And you are begging for forgiveness on the grounds you were a good boy/girl before.

This might have worked for you in a high school, but traffic court is not a school. Judge usually just does not care how good or bad girl you are. Neither she has anything personal against you. Her job is to get some money for town/city/county treasury from you and other drivers – not more, not less.

What is the alternative then?
How can you beat your ticket without having a copy of driving record?
I can tell you my story, and you can decide for yourself.

Beating speeding ticketI got quite a few tickets in my life. Once I even had been thrown into the jail in NC. It was fun, and helped me to dump all my illusions about US traffic courts. I fought all my tickets. Usually I hired a lawyer, as a person who knows ins and outs. Lawyers had my tickets significantly reduced. Still, I did “earn” quite a few demerit points on my driving record during my long life as a driver.

Recently I happened to stumble upon a really good strategy on the net. I’m sure I would have been able to have most of my tickets dismissed, if I had used it. Next time I get a ticket, I will employ that strategy. I’m just thinking about how much money I could have saved on lawyers and auto insurance, if I new this secret strategy before. I’m so sold on this method, I’m almost willing to get another ticket. To watch how the strategy works and how can I have my ticket dismissed instead of it being just reduced.

The funny thing is – I can’t get a ticket! Despite of the fact that I routinely drive 90-100 mph on highways, I did not have any traffic ticket for the last two years! My 35 years of driving experience force me to pinpoint possible speed traps with amazing accuracy. No radar detector needed. You will get an ebook on how to avoid speed tickets as a free bonus. I read it out of curiosity, and it is consistent with my ticket avoiding practices. The whole thing costs way less than even an entry level radar detector.

Now, let’s do some math. After you get convicted, those points will stay on your driving record for three years. On average points for speeding will add to your insurance $350 yearly, because it is a “moving” violation so a minimum of 2 points: This gives us a total of $1050. Add to this the $150 minimum fine and court fees. This gives you a


And I am being conservative. On the other hand, Damon has a book on sale right now, and instead of his normal cost of $50 he is currently letting it go for a mere $29!

So using these conservative figures ($1200 vs $29), you are getting a return of over 4000%!
And NO RISK – if it does not work for you,
You get your money back right away!
It does not get better than that…
What are you waiting for?
Beat that ticket

Beat the System
Go get it, it is well worth the money!

Coming back to the driving record – of course there are some uses for it. You definitely want to check it periodically to make sure it does not contain any erroneous data – your insurance rates would be hit badly if it does. However, I can’t think of other uses. If you can, by any means proceed and get one right away.

Now, you are not going to get a free driving record check. DMV needs funds, too. You’ll have to pay Uncle Sam to obtain a copy of driving record. To the best of my knowledge, every state will charge you in the range of 2-20 bucks for it. The good news is now you can do an instant check online (still not free) in several states. And you can order it printed, certified and delivered. All this ordered on line, too.

How to get your driving record? There are some commercial services on the Internet that charge you an extra fee for obtaining a driving record. You can go this route. However, in many cases you can save a few bucks going directly to the state DMV website. Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia allow you to do business online.

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