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The Obstacles That Keep You From Closing The Sale by Kurt Mortensen

The very first obstacle that many persuaders experience is prejudging a prospect. They set up an appointment, hang up the phone and then immediately say, Oh, great. This lady’s looking for a product we don’t even have. She’ll never buy.” It could be for any number of reasons, but basically the salesperson decides, based on one scrap of information, that the lead isn’t going to go anywhere before s/he has even met or spoken with the prospect. This is a common but huge selling mistake.

There are countless numbers of sales that have been made even when it may not have seemed like a good match at the outset. Why? Let’s go back to closing psychology again. We talked about how every buying action is an effort to make some improvement or enhancement to an existing situation. The core issue is an emotional need. The actual product itself is just a means to an end; it is not in and of itself the solution. The emotional satisfaction that the product provides, however, is. It is foolish to ever make a judgment call about a prospect’s intentions before you’ve had a chance to ask her/him all the open-ended questions and to uncover her/his hot buttons (i.e., what’s really driving the prospect). The potential buyer wants such-and-such product, but why does s/he want it? That information is really what you need to know. The truth is, you can often offer your prospect a product or service that provides the exact same thingor betters/he is seeking, even if it’s not exactly what s/he happened to mention to you on the phone.

The next common obstacle that persuaders run into when trying to close a sale is: insincerity. We spoke earlier of the infamous hard close approach. Even if you don’t resort to such drastic tactics, nothing irritates a prospect more than when you’re obviously looking out for a hefty commission. This tendency once again underscores the importance of asking your prospects lots of questions. It is very important that your prospects feel like you are sincerely interested in helping them. How can you best make this clear?

Another obstacle we sometimes run into is when your and your prospect’s personalities conflict. If you’re on different wavelengths, it’s more difficult to build and maintain rapport. There are two key remedies for this type of conflicting situation. The first is to keep in mind the importance of balancing an emotion-dominated approach versus a logic-dominated approach. There will be the occasional person who doesn’t want to answer all your questionsjust cut to the chase and give her/him the facts.” It is best not to resist these personalities because they already tend to be a bit on edge in the first place. When you encounter this type of prospect, just go with the flow, even if it means making an exception to the stay in control of the conversation by being the one asking all the questions” rule.

Clearly, such prospects want to be in control more than they want to be guided by you, and if you rub them the wrong way, the sale is gone anyway. Instead, adapt to the situation to keep the odds in your favor. Remember, people buy from those they like; they do not buy from people they don’t like. A second remedy you can use if you just can’t seem to click” with your prospect is to use a tag-team sales approach. Essentially, this tactic is when you pass off the baton. Don’t let your ego get in the way of securing the sale if someone else will have an easier time closing your prospect up for you. You’ll be glad you swallowed your pride and passed the baton when your paycheck comes. Besides, what goes around comes around, and that very same colleague will need your help sometime down the road for the exact same reason.

Another major obstacle to closing the deal is making promises you can’t keep. You’ve probably experienced the tremendous frustration that comes when something has been dramatically built up and then turns out to be a bunch of garbage. Imperfections are annoying, but it’s much worse when your salesperson has trumped up a product and gotten you all excited about it being something it’s not. Building up false hopes and expectations is never worth getting a sale. You’re rewarded in the moment, but that sales strategy will crash later on when you have an angry client banging on your door with buyer’s remorse. Or, even if you never hear from them again, not only do you lose that person’s trust and future business, but then s/he will talk to others and you’ll have a damaged reputation that’s impossible to fix. For these reasons, never claim that a product can do something that it can’t. Also be very careful that you don’t over-promise or oversell.

There is an adage in sales that states, Under-promise, over-deliver.” If you think about what that maxim is saying, you can see how it is going to create very, very happy customers. That’s because they’re not only getting exactly what they were hoping for, but they’re getting even above and beyond their expectations. Inherent in that saying is also a statement that warns of its opposite: Over-promise, under-deliver.” This type of selling strategy is why salespeople often get a bad reputation. All too often, over-promising is the normal course of things. As I’ve already stated, such a selling strategy may reap sales in the short term, but it will burn you in the end.

This next obstacle to a successful close is fairly obvious, and yet, in spite of this, it is still common enough that it’s worth discussing. Sometimes persuaders are so bent on making their point that they actually argue with their prospects. Instead of hearing their prospects out, they are too consumed with their own need to be right.” Obviously, this tactic is a bad idea and will likely defeat the whole point of working with your prospects in the first place. You will not persuade them by demonstrating that they are wrong, misinformed or uneducated. Doing so will just make them angry, embarrassed and defensive. It doesn’t matter how right” you areif you upset your prospect, you’re wrong! It has been said, A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

People buy from people they like; they don’t buy from people they don’t like. It doesn’t have to be arguing, either, that turns your prospects away; it could be anything that arouses negativity. Another common example of negativity arousal includes knocking the competition. Few things cause you to lose credibility as much as this tactic does. The thing that speaks more loudly than what you’re actually saying is the strong biases you have. When you exhibit bias toward your competition, your prospects then have to weigh everything coming out of your mouth with even greater caution. A safer bet, if you have to discuss the competition at all, is to present a balanced view of both sides. Mentioning some of the competition’s strong points along with the areas in which you feel your company is stronger will not lose your sale but will more likely increase your mileage in terms of believability. It’s just easier for your prospect not to feel suspicious of you if you can answer her/him fairly and directly.

Another obstacle to closing sales is not building up the dream. Remember earlier how we discussed that the product itself is not the ultimate reward as much as what it does for the prospect? The product is just a means to an end. That is, there is something the prospect is dreaming of” that s/he believes this product will help her/him achieve. This dream is their hot button; this is really what you must uncover. A big mistake salespeople make is not building up the dream enough. Uncovering it is the first step, but the process doesn’t stop there. You really have to walk your prospect through the steps of how your product will move them from point A to point B (i.e., from present situation to dream fulfilled”). The more vividly you can help your prospects visualize their success, the more they will want to invest in the solution you are offering them. Be sure you are speaking to their emotional needs. Highlight how the product answers the fundamental Why?” and WIIFM?” (What’s in it for me?) motivators. If you can achieve this aim, you’re going to have yourself a sale!

The final major obstacle in closing sales is simply giving up too soon. You’d be amazed at how many sales are lost just because the rep was afraid to ask one more time. As a general rule of thumb, I advise utilizing several trial closes” throughout the sales presentationat least five attempts are recommended. By trial closes, I’m referring to starting your closing strategy earlier in your presentation. In this way, throughout the process, you are collecting yeses” so that by the end of your exchange, it is the prospect who is itching to close the sale. Trial closes are less overt, yet with them you are in essence asking for the sale. Trial closes are effective because people do not feel put on the defensive by them. They can let their guard down and really be open to acknowledging all the ways in which your product is going to help them. Collecting yeses is when you ask questions of your prospects that simultaneously answer their own questions and yield yes” answers. Consider the following example…

Now you mentioned earlier that it’s really important to you that you have more time with your family. Do you see how this product is going to save you a lot of time?” (Oh, yes, I do.) Do you think this added spare time will contribute to your goal of having more time together as a family?” (Yes, it certainly will.) By putting their questions and concerns first, and walking them through the answers to those questions, you will help your prospects come to the obvious conclusion that your product is exactly what they’re looking for. You won’t have to talk them into it because they’ll already have convinced themselves. If in the unusual circumstance that your prospect still isn’t convinced, then don’t be afraid to present yet another closing question, perhaps this time one that is not a trial close,” but one that is more direct: Mrs. Smith, both of us can see clearly how this is going to help you leave your present situation and get to where you want to go. Are you ready to get started?” In an upcoming section of this chapter, I will outline several sample closes so you can see the many different options you have for all the different prospects you will likely encounter in your persuasive efforts. No matter what technique you use, though, don’t be afraid to ask for the sale and to be persistent!

Everyone persuades for a living. Whether you’re a sales professional, an entrepreneur, or a stay at home parent, you must convince others to your way of thinking. Find out more at and get my free report “10 Costly Mistakes.”

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Texas Defensive Driving – a Online Resource to Refresh Your Driving Skills by Mack Barbee

It is mailed best suited to your property for no demand at all, but if you need it faster you can frequently consider from 1 of our expedited delivery methods.We have produced this internet based defensive driving program to be fairly very easy to use given that we do not want you to be concerned if you are not the most computer savvy person in the environment. Just in circumstance you have some requests all through it even though, we equip you with an complete group of purchaser support experts. They are to choose from 24/7, so there is normally an individual there to aid you. You can attain then by contacting the toll-completely free hotline, emailing, or live chat, so you at all times have a option!It is simple that a giant piece of fatalities that materialize on streets all across the globe are due to reckless driving. That is why it is significant for every body to realize the value of driving defensively. Currently, there are loads of defensive driving programs offered in most elements of the society. This is a apparent indicator that there realistically is a will need for motorists to wholly grasp how significant it is to be a defensive driver.Commonly, attending a defensive driving program will allow you limit, if not absolutely erase, infractions on your exclusive history. According to the Countrywide Basic safety Council, a few details are deducted from the report of the driver if violations develop inside the eighteen months prior to the driving program staying completed. For the reason that of this, it benefits in considerably less transferring violations, and that in convert can appreciably affect one’s insurance policy expenses.Enrolling in defensive driving lessons in just one of the a variety of nearest targeted visitors educational institutions also allows you to examine your conduct, on the grounds that you will find out how you genuinely understand it. During the course of the course, you will typically be reminded of your responsibility to on your own as a driver, as nicely as to the everyday people and travellers all-around you. Motorists who have taken this system can attest to how they have grown into considerably less aggressive on the roadways, seeing as they have already mastered how to deal with their frustrations.Also, when you enroll in a defensive motorists class, it will give you the chance to be in the organization of other motorists who share related experiences with you. This is a superior destination for getting to know and sharing ideas about dealing with prevalent on a daily basis driving events or dilemmas. Also, the allow of a properly-versed and professional driving teacher can greatly better your driving know how.Selecting the accurate site traffic universities and the best suited defensive driving courses is rather simple. You just will need to do your analysis. Even if an individual brags about remaining the best, you will be needing to start looking into their skills.You must also look and feel at what model and excellent quality of academic materials they make use of. The classroom environment itself desires to be one that facilitates hassle-free grasping.Defensive driving courses are a stellar way to realize basic safety defensive driving skill-sets.

Awareness on just how best to control easy texas defensive driving could possibly be elusive in the beginning, and you may have to spend time discovering the right way. This really is a typical occurrence. You need to work with a specific method and determine if it can be good for you. Only acknowledge that this is the method you should approach utilizing easy online defensive driving. Maintain an open and impartial thoughts as you go forward to the future step. There are some intriguing and fu

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Texas Online Defensive Driving Course Reviews

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New York Defensive Driving Online Course by Samantha Jolie

New York Defensive Driving Course; these are not words that most people like to hear, but if you have received a traffic ticket then you know how important they are. This defensive driving New York course is all done online, so you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. This gives you the freedom you need to come and go when you need to and still be able to clean up your driving record. This ticket dismissal course can be customized to fit around your schedule, rather than it being the other way around.

This defensive driving NY course price is the lowest one around and it includes everything that you need to successfully dismiss points from your driving record. This course price includes all of the necessary processing fees, same-day processing of your certificate of completion, all shipping costs, award-winning course material, a full money-back guarantee, and a 24-hour customer support team. There are a variety of payment options to fit every budget and you can even start the course right away and pay for it when it is more convenient for you.

When you register for this New York State Defensive Driving Course you must choose a unique username and password for your account. This allows you to log in from any computer and be able to access your course. You can log in and out of this course as often as you like, allowing you to complete it in multiple sessions. There is no minimum or maximum amount of time you must spend on each session either, so you can work on it as little or as much as you want. There is no time limit on this course, so you can work on it at a pace that is comfortable for you.

There are eight separate units in this Defensive Driving New York course and each one is jam-packed with cool multimedia features. The animations, graphics, videos, and audio clips force you to have some fun too! Every unit deals with different driver-related issues and you will learn all about the latest traffic rules and regulations in New York State. That”s why this course is approved by the NYS DMV, which means that it satisfies all of the necessary requirements for you to dismiss your traffic ticket.

This ticket dismissal course may be online, but it is very easy to use so you don”t have to worry if you are not the most computer savvy person in the world. However, if you have any questions throughout the course you can always contact one of the customer support representatives. They know everything and they even work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so there is literally always someone there to assist you. You can reach them by calling a toll-free hotline, emailing, or even by chatting live with them right from the computer.

Traffic tickets happen to all of us at some point, so I say make it as easy as possible to get rid of them; do it online!

For More Information visit: New York Defensive Driving or Defensive Driving Course NY or NYS Defensive Driving Course

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Defensive Driving Course in NY: Easy Strategy Explained

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Your Ticket Out of A Ticket – Driver Improvement Course Virginia by Troy Caesar

If you get a ticket and want to avoid getting points on your license, you will need to take a driver improvement course Virginia. Getting points on your license and having a ticket show up on your driving record can add a significant amount of extra cost to your car insurance premiums for years to come. Eventually, if you get too many traffic tickets for moving violations, you also are at risk for losing your license entirely.

Taking a driver improvement course can help you to minimize or avoid the negative impact associated with a ticket. In addition, even those who have not received tickets can benefit from discounted insurance rates and an increased ability to drive safely by taking a driver improvement course.

Reasons to Take a Driver Improvement Course Virginia

The reasons for taking a driver improvement course Virginia are clear: avoiding points on your driver’s license. When you get a moving violation, you are almost always offered the opportunity to take a course in order to have the ticket dismissed without showing up on your driving record. This means that, for all but the most serious moving violations, taking the course essentially wipes out the ticket for all intents and purposes. You won’t need to worry about your insurance rates going up or about your driving record being clear, which can become important if you are ever required to submit to a background check of your driving ability.

If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, you still might want to take a driver improvement course. You can learn to become a better driver, you can lower your insurance rates (sometimes by as much as 10 percent) and you can acquire safe driver points which you can then use to offset any future traffic tickets you might receive.

In order to get credit for the course and have your Virginia ticket dismissed, however, you must take an approved course. When you take such a course locally, you will be required to sit through a full eight hours of class. Usually, this occurs on weekends or sometimes on evenings after work. Unfortunately, spending your evenings and weekends in a driver improvement course Virginia may not be the best choice for you. In fact, some people’s schedules won’t allow them the time to sit in a class.

To avoid these problems, it is possible to take a driver improvement course Virginia on the Internet. As long as the online course is approved, you’ll still get the benefit of avoiding the negative repercussions of a moving violation ticket. You’ll also get the chance to set up your own schedule for when to take the course so you can do it at a time that is more convenient for you. Even though you can take the full course from anywhere that has internet access, Virginia DMV rules require that you take the final test on a computer a local designated location nearby. Since Even with this requirement for the final test, taking a driver improvement course Virginia online has become a supremely popular method.

Learn more about defensive driving NY and driver improvement course Virginia at DriverTrainingAssociates.Com.

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Comedy Guys – Texas Defensive Driving Classes

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PE-owned American Safety Council buys The Online Traffic School (pehub)

**American Safety Council**, which is owned by **Falfurrias Capital
Partners**, has acquired **The Online Traffic School**. No financial terms
were disclosed. Based in Camarillo, Calif., OLTS is a provider of traffic
school, defensive driving and driver education.


Defensive Driver Training, evasive skills course

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Defensive Driving Online- Free Helpful Tip For Driving by D Kulkarni

Finding specific information about defensive driving online might not be easy, but we have gathered very helpful and relevant information about the general subject matter, with the ultimate aim of helping you out. Even if your search is about other defensive driving online information, such as beating traffic tickets, lowest price traffic school com, behind the wheel defensive driving or even defensive driving systems, this article will prove very helpful, briefly.rnrnIf your computer does not have the system requirements necessary to handle the software from the cheap defensive driving course, forget about it.rnrnMost of these online Defensive Driving Schools exist so that busy professionals can complete their courses at their own time and pace. These schools also provide interesting graphics, videos, and other things which make learning fast, enjoyable, and easy. Some schools allow for repeated exam taking, if learners are not successful the first time. Certificates are mailed directly to the court by express delivery system.rnrnOnline defensive driving course is the right option for working adults or people with busy schedules. It helps to understand driving techniques and attitudes effectively. One can acquire these skills from wherever, with an Internet connection. Fast search capability is one advantage of this study tool.rnrnIf as related to defensive driving online as this article is, and it still doesn’t answer all your needs, then don’t forget that you can conduct more search on any of the major search engines like to get more helpful defensive driving online information.rnrnMost often drivers attend defensive driving training schools after being cited for a civil traffic moving violation such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, and failure to yield. Some attend after having an accident. By attending defensive driving training, one can acquire skills on how to protect others from physical injury and how to avoid accidents and property damage. The school also offers courses that provide all information on the existing and new traffic laws. Certificates are awarded to the students upon completion of the course.rnrnThere are several things about the schools themselves that you are going to want to investigate before choosing a school. Lon Anderson and John Townsend offer in the Washington Post several different ways to determine if a program is right for you. The school should have certified instructors who should be licensed. There should also be plenty of classroom space. There should be 6 to 8 weeks of lessons with both classroom and in-car sessions. A great place to start, according to Anderson and Townsend is the DMV, MVA or the Better Business Bureau.rnrnIf you think you are someone who would benefit from a defensive driving class, you should spend some time in the evaluation of driving classes offered in your area to determine which of them is most likely to meet your needs. Your evaluation of the classes available will give you a clear idea of the curriculum of each one, and how much it will teach you about actual defensive driving techniques as opposed to going over things you already know, like the ruled of the road and proper car maintenance.rnrnMany folks seeking online for articles related to defensive driving online also sought for articles about go to traffic school, CDL license, and even defensive driving courses in NC.

So here is chance to get your free tips on defensive driving online and in addition to that get basic information on saving money visit

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Texas Online Defensive Driving Course Reviews

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Defensive Driving Tips: Seat Belt Safety Facts by

Defensive driving techniques are not restricted to technical driving skills and tactics. One of the simplest and most effective defensive driving techniques to protect yourself as a driver or a passenger is to ALWAYS wear a seat belt. It is well proven that seat belts save lives, and drivers should learn all they can about seat belt safety facts.

Research has shown that vehicle occupants have a 40 percent better chance of surviving a crash if they are wearing a seat belt (this statistic is dependent upon the severity of the crash – some crashes are so severe that survival is impossible). However, in many crashes seat belts play a major role in reducing injuries. Each year around 20 per cent of all road fatalities were people not wearing a restraint. Hundreds of other people are disabled for life in road accidents where they were not wearing a seat belt.


Seat belts protect drivers and passengers in a number of ways, such as:

1. Decreasing the time it takes an occupant to come to a stop upon impact
2. Minimizing a person’s contact with the interior of the vehicle
3. Spreading the force of the impact over a greater area of the body
4. Preventing ejection from the vehicle.


If you are the driver, before the car starts moving you need to make sure of the following:

1. Your own seat belt is properly fastened and adjusted to fit firmly
2. Your passengers’ seat belts are properly fastened and adjusted firmly
3. Children traveling in the car are properly restrained.

If you are a passenger, before the car starts moving make sure you have:

1. Properly fastened and adjusted your seat belt
2. Encourage the driver and other passengers to buckle up.


Being pregnant is no reason not to wear a seat belt. Wearing a seat belt means you are protecting both yourself and your unborn baby if you are involved in a crash. Here are a few tips for comfortably and correctly wearing a seat belt whilst pregnant:

1. Place the lap sash part of the belt under the baby bulge, as low as possible. The lap part of the seat belt should sit over the upper thighs, not across the bulge.

2. It is often possible to adjust the angle of the seat belt by using a seat belt locator.

3. Make sure the sash part of the belt is in between the breasts.


Children must be restrained in a restraint suited to their size and weight. The restraint must be correctly and securely fitted to the car. In certain cars it is possible to fit an additional lap belt to accommodate a fourth small child in the back seat. Lap belts are not recommended on their own, but are safe if used in conjunction with a properly fitted child harness.

Before moving children from a booster seat into an adult seat belt, certain conditions should be met.

1. The adult seat belt fits correctly. The lap part is low over the pelvis (not the stomach) and the sash does not touch the child’s face or neck and all slack is removed.

2. Lap/sash seat belts offer much greater protection than lap belts. Where possible put your child in a seating position with a lap/sash belt.

3. Children riding in school buses must wear a seat belt if one is available. Only one seat belt per person must be used.


Seat belts must always be kept in good condition. Car owners should check the condition of seatbelts in their vehicle as a standard part of vehicle maintenance routine. The following things should be checked:

1. The seat belts themselves are not twisted, cut or frayed.

2. The buckles are in good working order, engaging and releasing properly.

3. The retractors work properly. The seat belt should pull out smoothly and be fully retracted when not in use.

In many countries, such as Australia, it is illegal not to wear a seat built. By law, every person travelling in a car must wear a seat belt if one is available. Tough penalties apply for those who break the law. More and more countries around the world are embracing this fact, and the message about the importance of buckling-up” is being spread loud and clear.

Wearing seat belts is clearly one of the easiest defensive driving techniques a driver or passenger can employ, and learning all the seat belt safety facts is the best place to start.

Jean Littman is co-owner of which provides quality resources on defensive driving techniques,advanced driving and traffic safety programs.

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Driver Training Associates: Get Out Of Point by binakaradia

Driving is considered as the basic requirement in the present day. It is required while moving on with the day to day activities without facing any issues. There are strict law and order imposed by the government authorities with respect to the traffic flow and you are supposed to move by taking care of all the required orders without any issues. even a small mistake can lead to lots of issues with respect to the traffic rules and you could at times move towards the stage of losing your driving license as it is going under the state of suspension. In fact you might be requested to attend the Texas defensive online driving course with the passage of time and the course is designed to help you to get refreshed on all the issues pertaining to the traffic rules and regulations. It is natural that you might be completely reluctant on hearing this first as you need to reschedule all your tasks in order to find time to attend the course.

The most attractive part is that you can definitely move on with the driving course through online means. The entire course is designed for online education and in fact you can complete the course after attending for few hours. You are required to move on with the final assessment wherein you should at least get the minimum score to bag the certificate with the passage of time. This certificate posse’s great value with the passage of time and you will be able to get rid of most of the accumulated point on the driving license as well as will be able to move on with the great reduction in the auto insurance. It is natural that you might be required to move on with the activities by paying huge premium amount and this can be reduced to a nominal amount by undergoing the course effectively. You can definitely go through the lessons any time as per your choice and the materials are displayed all throughout. In fact you just need to pay very small amount to take up the course and you will be able to get lot of benefits including various things that has to be taken while meeting with certain situations while moving on wheels.

Defensive driving course online Texas is an Traffic School expert. Please visit us to see all the texas defensive driving online courses outlines and get tips on each course.

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Comedy Guys – Texas Defensive Driving Classes

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NFL Season In Review: Top 2014 stories by month (Shutdown Corner) (Yahoo!)

The NFL in 2014 — for better or worse — has been a memorable year. From the
Seattle Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl title to the domestic violence
scourge, there have been no shortage of storylines the past 365 days. [ Join
FanDuel's $1.75M Wild Card fantasy league: $25 to enter; top 14,530 teams paid
] Here’s a month-by-month look at the stories that resonated the most: JANUARY
The Seahawks started their Super Bowl run with home wins over the New Orleans
Saints and San Francisco 49ers — each exciting, one-score games, with the NFC
championship game capped by a Richard Sherman interception and an interview
(“Crabtree!!”) with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews that few will forget. The
Seahawks would go on to demolish Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in
XLVIII, the first Bowl played in the New York area. (It happened on February
2, but work with us here.) Russell Wilson became a household name, and the
Seahawks’ defense rose to prominence as one of the finest units the NFL has
seen in recent years. FEBRUARY On the eve of the NFL scouting combine, reports
emerged of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice …


Defensive Driving

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Defensive driving online by Ben Needles

Defensive Driving Skills allow one to have more time to react to any given situation on the road. Defensive Drivers are a class apart from any other road user simply because they are better prepared by being aware of their surroundings, road conditions and other vehicles on the road, and knowing what to do about it.Of course, one would obviously like to stay clear of Traffic Tickets resulting from those â?inadvertentâ? traffic violations. Therefore, there is a lot of incentive to upgrade your driving skills.This course has been constituted to enhance driving safety and driver improvement in an effort to make the roads safer for all concerned. Additional benefits includeâ?Insurance Reductionâ?Meeting Legal requirements for Ticket Dismissalâ?Reducing the no of traffic violations and in turn traffic ticketsâ?Superior confidence in your safe driving skills.â?Complying with Court Orders for a mandatory Driving Course.Driver training online is so convenient, inexpensive and practical. Click here to sign up for IDriveSafelyâ??s Online Defensive Driving Course and Driver Improvement Program!!It has over half a million Satisfied Customers and provides 100% money back guarantee on its programs. IdriveSafely staffs state-certified instructors in the customer support department who can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The courses offered cost less on average than those of other online driving schools.As the adage goes prevention is always better than cure. So, do not wait for that court order to send you to take a course on driving safety. Sign Up immediately and enjoy your time on the road without any hassles and also save a lot of time

About the Author (text)Affordable Defensive Driving Courses Online. We offer Defensive Driving Class and Defensive Driving School Online. A course from Online Defensive Driving Class improves your Defensive Driving Skills read novels online

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Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Houston Defensive Driving

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