Driving Record Pa

driving record pa
If I am licensed in PA, and I receive a speeding citation in FL, can a FL judge take my license away?

If I receive a speeding citation from FL, is it possible that a judge from FL can take my license away, even if I am licensed in PA? I am not a habitual offender and I plan on going to court and contesting the charges.

I know that PA does not place minor, out of state violations on your PA driving record. Minor citations include speeding, red light violations, etc. No points would go on my license regardless of the judges ruling.

Normally, a FL judge cannot take away a PA license. Since you are planning on contesting the citation in court, does that mean you live in FL?
If not, FL DMV will notify the PA DMV, then it would be up to the PA DMV. If you live in FL and have for over six months, the FL judge could suspend your license until you get a FL license. FL law states that one needs to obtain a FL license if you reside here for over six months.

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driving record pa

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