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Two Of the Most Preferred Abdominal Belts Obtainable On The Net

The market that is abdominal belts is really a competitive 1. With numerous folks looking to get tight and firmed six pack abs in a very short period of time. With infomercials, on line marketing, fitness magazine advertising and extra promoting these belts it might be tough to pick out which product to buy.

Two of the extra well-known products are the Countour ab belt and Slendertone ab firming belt. These products have been on the market for sometime and use similar technology to tone and firm your six pack abs.

Controur Abdominal Belt

There’s no question about the possible effectiveness of the electronic muscle stimulation employed in these device. It’s on par with each the Slendertone ab belt along with other ab toning devices on the market.

The Contour belt comes using a set of activity DVDs and also replacement gel pads for the inside of the belt that rests against your skin. The downside to this ab belt is that it does not have a visual remote device that you simply can appear at during a session. So you are by no means fairly positive how lengthy you have got left. Also it takes AAA batteries to energy the device which can turn into costly to replace over time. Very best to have a set of rechargeable near by since it would stink to have the batteries go dead during a session.

Slendertone Ab Firming Device

The slendertone Ab belt is extra or much less the same as the Contour in cost, characteristics and effectiveness from what I’ve read. Once more the significant downfall with the device is that it utilizes batteries rather then a rechargeable pack that comes with the belt.

Gel pads are included with the belt and replacements might be ordered from the company website. Also there is not a visual remote or screen to see anything about your current session, on the other hand you can find some buttons as well as a smaller screen on the front side of the belt that permit you to increase intensity and time, also as see some other data.

I really feel that either of these devices can offer you you similar benefits to toning and firming your six pack abs. You’ll desire to use these in conjunction with other forms of exercise, wholesome diet and drinking a lot of water to maximize your outcomes. If you’d like to find out extra about these two abdominal belts along with other models offered check out our website at or 562.489.1167.

online texas defensive driving courses

online texas defensive driving courses

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