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points on driving record florida
Reducing a speeding ticket in Florida

I was recently stopped for speeding. I was 30 miles over the speed limit. I was therefore told that I have to appear in court. I have never been stopped for speeding and have an excellent driving record. My circumstances for speeding that morning is this. 3 wks ago my only sister was attacked overseas and sexually assulted, she was stangled, but managed to survive. A week later my mother overdosed and drowned in her bath tub. In January this year my father died. I had just spoken with my sister that morning and was therefore late for work. My sister and mom live overseas. I have not had a chance to go home since all this has happened. I also missed my moms funeral. I am trying to avoid going to court and just paying a fine and try and not get points on my license. I am going to see a lawyer anyway, but I want to know what my chances are of getting this reduced to just a fine with no court and no points.

The circumstances of why you were speeding has no bearing on anything. You can fight the ticket but if you lose, and you will, it goes on your record with the point and you cannot go to traffic school. If you go to court and just ask for traffic school, you won’t get the point but you’ll still have the fine. If you go to court to fight it and the cop doesn’t show up, it will get dismissed but cops get overtime to go to court, so you’re taking a big chance. Talking to your “lawyer” isn’t going to do anything, “he’ll” tell you exactly what I’m telling you.

The bottom line is you were speeding. Pay the fine, go to traffic school and it won’t affect your insurance.

TYT Hour – July 21st, 2010

points on driving record florida

Can Defensive Drivers Make The World A Safer Place?

The highways are full of bad drivers who cause numerous accidents. At issue is actually the fact that most of the people who are injured during collisions are not the ones who actually caused them to happen. No matter if you like it or not, every time you get behind the wheel of your car, you should be prepared to be a defensive driver. The smart course of action is to remain vigilant keeping an eye on your fellow drivers and predicting how they may react.

When you are driving, there are a number of things you can do to be prepared for the unexpected. The top driving strategy is to be cautious. When you are behind the wheel of your car, it’s not the time to be chatting with people on the phone or in the car and it’s a bad idea to spend much time looking at the passing sights. Folks normally drive so that they can go from one place to another and arrive with everyone and everything in one piece. Whatever might cause a distraction, such as car radios, cell phones, putting on makeup, and other passengers, are all different ways that can cause an accident.

There are actually many places, not only in the US, but various other countries, that have already banned cell phones when driving, but the usage is still high. Driving with one hand, utilizing the cell phone in the other, is usually a problem because the conversation is usually distracting. It does not take much to get so engrossed in your discussion that you don’t pay attention to what is happening on the road. In the event that something unexpectedly happens and you need to react quickly in order to prevent an accident, your lack of concentration may make it difficult if not impossible for you to react in time. It’s essential that you remain aware of surrounding road conditions because there’s no way to know when something unforeseen may happen.

Staying aware is important, especially when it comes to junk in the road, or even potholes. The majority of highways are basically safe to drive on, but harmful things can get on the road, like stuff falling off a garbage truck, or a construction vehicle, and also many places rocks can roll down onto the road. All of these things can end up being the reason behind an accident waiting to happen. In case the driver is ignorant of the debris, and plows into it going too fast, unquestionably there will be damage, even if it is only to a tire. Sad to say, it might even cause you to be engaged in a major accident, either single car or multi-vehicle. Without doubt, there were numerous instances when you had to move quickly so you wouldn’t hit something in the road and you can only imagine what would have happened if you were not paying attention.

Being conscious of your surroundings is important in locations where there are possible animals on the highway, or places where there are walkers, joggers or bicycle riders. A defensive driver will be on the alert for them at all times. The last thing you need can be to be responsible for the injury of a person, who was in the right place on the side of the road, due to your carelessness by not paying attention.

defensive driving class austin tx

defensive driving class austin tx

Extra! Extra! Lowest Mortgage Rates in Decades – Buy or Refinance Now

If you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed that mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve been in decades. It shouldn’t be long before they start to rise again. These low interest rates certainly won’t last. If you want to take advantage of them, you need to act now. Most people don’t think Madison, Wisconsin mortgage rates that differ between 2 percentage points aren’t much. However, that could save you thousands over the life of your loan. The best advice anyone can offer those who are looking to buy a home or refinance is that they should act quickly to lock in the current interest rates.

You’ll also notice that home prices are very low too. This is thanks to the large number of foreclosures. Thanks to concurrently low interest rates, you can now purchase even more of a home now than you ever could before. A few years back you might have purchased a home for $150,000 at 6.25%, whereas now, the same home might only cost $130,000 at 4.25% interest. Using the old rates, your old mortgage payment would be much higher than your payment with the lower price and current rates. That means that you would save a lot of money over 30 years. You will certainly appreciate all the extra money in your pocket!

Home mortgage professionals will tell you that if you can afford to buy, or if you want to lower your current payments, this is the time to start looking into doing so. If you decide to buy now, it could be the best decision you ever made. You will really like it if you can find the right mortgage company. Finding a good company that offers good rates and the best financing can be hard, so you may be wondering where to look.

Due to the fact that an online mortgage company is facing a lot of competition for your business, it will be more than willing to go the extra mile for you to procure financing that is in your best interests without a lot of hidden costs. Sometimes, you’ll find the best deals in Madison, Wisconsin right under your nose. Doc No.lsdhhsdlh-sdlkjhsgd

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Crowdfunding: Connecting Investors and Job Creators

lowest price traffic school quiz answers