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The Objective Of The Orange Tee Shirt

The orange t-shirts has been around for a long time and has for the same amount of time been associated with safety. It has mostly been utilized in industries such as construction, road works and places where high visibility is required. The requirement is for safety which has been laid down by law. It benefits the safety of the workers by making them clearly visible in dangerous situations.

It has gone through many changes to this day. The changes referred to are the materials from which it is made. It is work-men’s (and women’s) gear and has therefore been in the business of catering to that need. It needs to be tough and durable and in many instances it needs to have reflective elements. Many manufacturers also have different types of materials they use for the t-shirts as well as the safety vests.

It should also be a very easy fit as people in these industries often work long hours. They would sweat and therefore need a particular type of t-shirt. An innovative moisture wicking material has allowed for the moisture to be drawn away from the body. It helps to keep the body from freezing in winter (as there will be no moisture against the body). The same is true for summer. It is therefore totally different to the cotton or polyester type.

Added to its specialty, it also has the reflective tape attached to it. This is a requirement by law and everyone in the mentioned industries has to comply by the law. The color orange has been proven to be a better choice for visibility and, hence, makes for better safety.

There are two types of classes affecting the wearing of the t-shirt. According to ANSI Class 2 there has to be two tapes running down from the shoulders (back and front) and one horizontal tape around the abdomen area. The ANSI Class 3 has the same specifications except that there are two horizontal bands. The difference is that the class 3 is a requirement for when more visibility is required.

However, because of cost, there is the normal variety available which is made from breathable polyester material. It will, however, not have the same results. It would therefore be important to layer the body when the normal t-shirt is worn (not forgetting the safety vest).

These do come in different styles and long or short sleeves. The long sleeved ones normally have reflective tape on the sleeves as well. If the t-shirt does not have these reflective tapes, make sure you wear your reflective vest over it. This is to protect yourself in your dangerous place of work.

The safety tee shirts has made its place in the hazardous industries because it is a clearly a visible color. The person wearing these might also feel more secure that they will be seen with the t-shirts as well as the safety vests.

orange county traffic school locations

orange county traffic school locations

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