Driving Record Tx

driving record tx
How can I remove a DUI on my driving record, TX? Please help!?

I was sentenced in 2001 to a DUI. It prevents me from doing the job I am trained to do for security reasons. I saw the line of books that can "tell" me how, but I need a quick answer so that you can solve this problem and to take that position. I believe that when he was 19, I'm 25 now, with only minor traffic violations since my conviction. Anyone a real and legitimate response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Good to know, I'm not alone. ;) I have a DUI at 19, I am now 24. Here in GA is 3 years, a record (at least mine was). Of course, there may be different in Texas. The nature of the charges (how how severe) can also affect the time remaining on his record, but I'm not sure. Have you submitted a problem, or just anticipating it? I double sure you're still on your record, if you still have all the filings, I think they find. So really, the only thing to do is if you still find the file. If you can find something in writing that is not supposed to be there and yet still shows potential employers who might be able to fight it, or at least be aware of the problem. I am not a law expert, but …. But good luck.

driving record tx

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