Whistler 975 Radar Detector Manuals

whistler 975 radar detector manuals

2010 Accommodation Whistler Olympic Venue – The Whistler Sliding Centre

Nestled in the beautiful Fitzsimmons valley, the Whistler Sliding Centre awaits the heart-pumping adrenaline rush of 2010 Olympic athletes and spectators with the need for speed. The site contains a 1,450 metre long competition track noted to be among the fastest in the world. Located on the south-east slopes of Blackcomb Mountain, the Whistler Sliding Centre is also in close vicinity to accommodation Whistler spots and will host bobsleigh, luge and skeleton competitions at the 2010 Olympic Games. 2

A Piece of History…
The sliding centre is more than just an Olympic venue, it is also rich in First Nations history. Built on shared traditional territories of the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations, it is located in a region that is recognized as a Spirited Place: a distinctive and sacred area among indigenous people of the land. As a traditional place of enlightenment, First Nations youths would climb the hills and mountains of the region in search of spiritual truth and refinement, a common pathway taken towards adulthood. As you can see this is more than a site for sports and accommodation Whistler interests, it is a place of divine power and enchantment. 2

Daredevils on Ice
As a site where competitors rocket down a gorge of ice, sliders are one of the most audacious and wildest spirits in the world. As the Thunderbird track twists and turns down the mountainside like a coiled side, the roar and thunder of the sled can be heard through the powdered slopes, amidst the thick woods of cedar, hemlock and fir. For more information visit Whistler Accommodation

Athletes who encounter the raw capacity of the course are the ultimate thrill seekers, enduring the increasing speed and force of the land beneath them. Sliding competitors have mastered the rhythm and curves of the track and have definitely become supreme daredevils on ice. For more information visit Accommodation Whistler

The Olympic Legacy
As one of only two sliding tracks in Canada, the Whistler Sliding Centre track will be a major asset after the 2010 Olympics to the improvement and development of high performance sliding sports in Canada. It will be operated under the management of the Whistler Legacies Society and will platform sliding sports by hosting international competitions. Located near many accommodation Whistler sites, it will also be an attraction for many travelling tourists and visitors.

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whistler 975 radar detector manuals

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