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Mud Bogging Is The Ultimate Sport Of Rural America

When you grow up in rural America, often times you will have to devise means to entertain yourself to stave off boredom. When you aren’t living in downtown Chicago or someplace like that, you don’t have all the options of events and things to do like city folks. Many of these outlets stem from not being scared to get a little dirty if it means some good ole’ fun. I’m certain that’s how mud bogging got its start. And if you don’t know what mud bogging is, I will be proud to introduce you.

There are many things you need to know to fully understand all this sport has to offer. You need to understand that to those that participate, this is a sport. Other things that will be addressed within this article are: what mud bogging actually is and how you should go about getting a good mud truck. Which means, how to get a 4×4 in shape to mud bog.

As was earlier stated, mud bogging is a year round sport in some areas of the country. Obviously winter weather could be a hindrance to the production of mud and therefore northern states make it a more seasonal affair. But there are many different mud bogs throughout a given year in which those who like to get some mud on their tires can get out there and prove who has the best truck to tear through the mud.
You need two things to have a fun mud bog: a good ride and good mud. I will address the vehicles later, so we will discuss the mud. Typically this is laid out in trench a little wider than the vehicles themselves. It spans anywhere from 1/8 of a mile to a full one depending on the location. If you have a good deal of space and time to set it up, the deeper, longer, and better all around the bog is.

In order to win a mud bog, you have to complete the course. Usually this means just getting in and out of the trench without the need of assistance. Few vehicles will make it through the trench, so it’s easy to determine the winner if only one truck sees the other side. If you are stuck, you are pulled from the running. Unless of course no one makes it to the other side, which means the winner is the one who makes it the farthest in the trench. If more than one truck makes it to the other side without assistance, the winner is determined by who made it the fastest.

If you are considering competing in a bog, you have to have the right equipment. This means you have to get a truck that can pull you through the trench without blowing itself up. This usually means you need a jeep or a truck; they have strong engines and high rise bodies. Most say not high enough, though, as many mud bogging specialists would coach new comers to ‘jack ‘em up’. Meaning, get a lift kit and put on some oversized tires to shred through even the deepest ditches.

Most times, the racers will only be competing for bragging rights until the next bog. Sometimes there is a hat passed around to collect a pot among the racers and spectators for the winner of the event. This keeps the sport selective to the areas. No sponsors, no contracts, just good ole’ boys and girls pushing their machines to the limit.

Mud bogging may never be as big as football, but it has certainly cemented a place for itself among outdoor gamers. It could be the slinging mud or the roar of the engines, whatever it is, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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fastest online traffic school for california

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