Driving Record Louisiana

driving record louisiana
This don’t feel right … pulled over in Louisiana …?

Alright so … to get to work I always drive through 5 long speed zones, first a 55, then a 35 (school zone), than a 65, then a 55, and then a 65. When I was in Florida, I used to go by the 9 mile rule (No speeding over 9 miles over). I revised it to 4 miles in Louisiana.

So I am going down that last 55 probably at about 59 and then I switch into the last 65 and kick it up to 69. About 3 miles later, I see a cop speeding on me and I pull to the side to let him pass, he stays behind and flashes his lights. Tells me he caught me doing 69 in a 55. He points out later after much hesitation that it was 3 miles back at the 55 area. THREE MILES BACK!

Can they do that? How am I supposed to pove that I wasn’t speeding after so much time passed driving.

Also I still have my FL driver’s license. What does a ticket mean? I know they can arrest me if I get another ticket in LA and fail to pay the first but what about records and stuff?

The question he is asking isn’t about the 4 mile rule or the 9 mile rule, its about the police officer telling him that he observed the speeding 3 miles before the stop. First off, it is unlikely that Florida and Louisiana DMVs communicate. There is no national DMV database, yet. I have had several clients with DUIs in various states, since they didn’t have a DUI in their licensing state, they kept their licenses but were unable to return to the state of the citation without first completing DUI drivers school

Your issue will probably be insurance. I believe that insurance companies have ways of discovering tickets across state lines which will boost your fees. Obviously, drivers school clears the speeding from you record but I’m unclear about whether LA drivers school can be done online in FL, but I think it probably can.

You can also hire a lawyer. Your presence will not be required at the first court appearance an a speeding ticket. The DA or judge will likely offer traffic school of some kind. If you reject the offer, and opt for a court trial, it is possible that the officer won’t show up.

I’m not sure if waiting 3 miles to pull you over is a big deal. I notice that you don’t mention radar but who knows. Hiring a lawyer to attempt to beat the ticket through a court trial might not be worth it if traffic school is available, but could be worth it if you have speeding tickets elsewhere. You just have to do the math and figure out which makes more cost sense.

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driving record louisiana

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