Speeding Ticket Cost Calculator

speeding ticket cost calculator

Tricks For Reducing Traffic Tickets

You may feel like a magnet for those cops sitting on the side of the road looking for speeders, but there are ways to prevent these tickets in the future. It starts with selecting the vehicle you choose to hit the road in. You are obviously going to be a lot more noticeable in a flashy sports car than you are in something that isn’t as flashy on the outside. You can find fast vehicles that don’t look like speed demons from the outside. Of course, a radar detector is also a good addition regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. You can fine a list of cars that get the most tickets at this MSN article.

Police officers can be quite crafty when it comes to hiding and setting up unexpected speed traps. You should always be on the lookout and remember their hiding spots in areas you drive frequently. Anytime there is a line of trees, steep curve, or hill that you can’t see over while driving, there is a good chance a cop car is waiting for you. You should also be careful speeding around slow semi trucks, since some police cars will drive just in front of a truck knowing cars cannot see them until they come flying past. Highway on-ramps are always areas to be alert as well.

When driving on a multiple lane highway, stay in the right lane if at all possible. Speeders typically fly through the left lane, so many police officers will focus more on those lanes. If you need to pass someone, get around them quickly and jump back to the right lane. The worst thing you can do is go in and out of lanes, weaving around cars. This will draw attention to your vehicle if a police car is around and could get you double the fines as this is considered reckless driving.

The radar gun isn’t your only fear when trying to avoid a speeding ticket. Some policemen will do pace speed tickets by quickly driving up to the back of your car to see how fast you are going according to their own vehicle’s pedometer. You will notice this happening if a vehicle starts riding up to you quickly, especially at night when you can’t see the police officer’s car as clearly.

There is such thing as a “draftie” which can be used to limit your risk of getting a speeding ticket. The draftie is a speeding car that you stay behind so any upcoming police cruisers will nail them before they nail you. The only problem is you become the draftie if the police cruiser comes up unexpectedly from behind. Watch your review mirror closely!

Vehicles parked on the side of the road are something to pay attention to, no matter how old or beat up they may be. You never know what an unmarked police cruiser is going to look like today. Plus, you may be able to help someone who is broke down on the side of the road. Accidents can also be avoided if you notice a car about to pull back onto the highway from the side.

Traffic ticket magnets have high insurance rates and are always on guard. You don’t want that to be you any longer! Always know where you are and be alert. You can avoid the next ticket trying to hit your pocketbook.

For information on what to do if you get a speeding ticket, check out Missouri Traffic Tickets and find out the positives and negatives of acquiring legal assistance.

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speeding ticket cost calculator

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