Lidar Speeding Ticket Defense

lidar speeding ticket defense

Fight against speeding: 72 in 55 years, this advocacy work?

Assuming that the agent is shown I will fight like this and what are the chances to show me a reasonable doubt and / or delete the ticket: the ticket, my old address was used when I have my new address the back of the license and tag issued by the change of address for questions or when I was watching liscense.I programmed using LIDAR and whether the device was calibrated on the day of use was 1897 and I question the accuracy of agents far and if you know the width of a laser beam at that distance and if they could guarantee hitting an object from this distance, I will object to reading his notes during his testimony officer to show that they remember the incident, asked the officer to explain how LIDAR and point out errors, not that I sign a ticket, I will not testify I (obviously)

Not only the opportunity to face the that you speeding and got caught

BAD cop bad laser gun, video proves otherwise

lidar speeding ticket defense

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