Defensive Driving Frisco Comedy

The World Would Be A Safer Place If Everyone Was A Defensive Driver

Bad drivers are the cause of most accidents that occur on roadways. The main difficulty with this, is the largest percentage of people hurt are not the ones causing the car wrecks. Even if you can’t stand it, every time you get in the driver’s seat in your car you have to drive defensively. It’s in your best interest to know what other drivers are doing so you will not be surprised at their next actions.

You will find a variety of ways for you to be all set for anything that comes your way, while in your car. The top driving strategy is to be alert. When driving an automobile, it isn’t time to be talking on the phone, or conversing with someone in the backseat, or even sightseeing. The key reason for driving is actually to get from one place to another place, safely. Whatever can result in a distraction, such as car radios, cell phones, putting on makeup, and other passengers, are all different ways that can cause an accident.

There are actually numerous places, not only in the US, but several other countries, that have already banned cell phones when driving, but the usage is still high. Working with one hand to drive and the other hand to hold on to a cell phone can be problematic as talking with someone can be very distracting. It doesn’t take much to become so engrossed in your discussion that you don’t focus on what is happening on the road. In the event that something unexpectedly happens and you need to react quickly in order to prevent an accident, your lack of concentration may make it difficult if not impossible for you to react in time. It’s vital that you remain aware of surrounding road conditions because there’s no way to know when something unforeseen may happen.

Staying vigilant is important, especially when it comes to clutter in the road, or even potholes. The majority of roads are basically safe to drive on, but harmful things can get on the road, like stuff falling off a garbage truck, or a construction vehicle, and also many places rocks can roll down onto the road. Any one of these situations can cause an accident in the event the conditions are right. When the driver is ignorant of the debris, and plows into it going too fast, without doubt there will be damage, even if it is only to a tire. Nevertheless it could be sufficient to trigger a serious accident, throwing your vehicle into the path of another vehicle, or possibly a rollover accident. Undoubtedly you can recall more than one time when you needed to suddenly veer to one side so you wouldn’t drive across something in the road, and how much worse might this have been if your attention had been diverted?

If there may be a chance of animals or pedestrians being in the vicinity, it can be especially important that you pay attention to what’s going on around you. A defensive driver will be on the alert for them at all times. It could be a pity if you wounded someone with your careless, inattentive driving when they were doing nothing wrong.

defensive driving frisco comedy

defensive driving frisco comedy

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