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Politicians are HARVESTING your hard earned money to pay for their pet projects.

Order a copy of Beat the System

and defend your right to keep the money that you earn!

Some gruesome facts:

· The average cost of a speeding ticket with court fees is $150
· The average increase to your insurance yearly is $350
· Insurance increases stay on your insurance for THREE years: $350 x 3 = $1050

If you don’t go to traffic school, your un-fought traffic ticket will cost you: $1200

IF YOU ORDER BEAT THE SYSTEM you will only pay $29.00.

That is a savings of $1171. You save $1171… AND… You don’t give it to politicians who are USING you fund pet projects.

Don’t wait.  If you are reading this, you already have a ticket and the clock is ticking towards your fines.  We can ship right away, giving you time to review these awesome strategies before you have your day in court.  Act now. Order Beat the System now!

100% money back guarantee

What if I DO go to traffic school?

Traffic school is the way people get out of ONE ticket typically every 18 months (varies by state).

· Traffic school on average costs $50 plus court costs.

· You STILL have to pay the ticket, which is $150.

· The time you spend on the traffic school is worth money: let’s call it $20 per hour (I think you are worth more, but I want to be conservative just to make the point).  You will spend at least 8 hours on your traffic school ($20×8=$160).

Admitting guilt and going to traffic school will cost you on average $360. That is $360 dollars you are giving to politicians for pet projects. Your copy of Beat the System is only $29.00.

You save $331.00.


If you order Beat the System you can fight off BOTH tickets.  You pay NOTHING for traffic school, NOTHING for the ticket, and your INSURANCE DOES NOT GO UP! No matter how many tickets you get, you can use what you learn to fight them all!


Order your copy of Beat the System and fight off the government’s attempts to pick your pockets. Do what it says, and you will beat your ticket. If you do what it says, and you don’t win your case, SEND IT BACK FOR A FULL REFUND.

That’s how sure we are it works.

Beat the System is a proven method that absolutely delivers what it promises.  But you don’t have to take our word for, listen to what people who have used it have to say:

“Absolutely worth it”

peggy I just wanted to let you know that the money I spent on your book was absolutely worth it! My husband beat his speeding ticket (45 in a 30 mph zone) using one of your strategies. Thanks!
- Peggy Dalesky

“I am stunned by your mastery of defeating speeding tickets”

steven I studied the books that you have a available on this website and it paid off. The look on the prosecutor\’s and the police officer\’s face were absolutley priceless when the judge dismissed my case. I had a huge grin on mine!

I will use this every time I find myself in this situation. Thank you for saving me $200!

- Steven Eckhardt, Illinois

“Thank you for saving me $200″


Having read your book, I am stunned by your mastery of defeating speeding tickets. You are brilliant and a hero.

I am looking forward to speaking with you in the next several days. It is truly a must have. I remain amazed at your cleverness in helping novice individuals adequately prepare a winning defense against radar. You certainly are to be admired.

- Thank you, Cory

As you can see from the testimonial above, Beat the System works.  And I repeat: If it doesn’t, you get your money back. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Order Beat the System right now!  Don’t let politicians HARVEST your hard earned money anymore!


Question:  What if I try it and it doesn’t work?

Answer:  You can return it for a full refund; you’re out nothing beyond what you would have paid anyway, but you at least know you put up a fight and didn’t just roll over to “the man.”

Question:  Is it moral to avoid paying the fine if I really was speeding?

Answer:  Is it moral to jack up fines to ridiculous levels and then use the respect the average citizen has for the law as a means to fill government coffers?  I think not.

Question:  Why can’t I just ignore it; it’s not like they’re going to come after me?

Answer:  You are correct.  They probably won’t come after you. But they WILL put a warrant out for your arrest.  If you get pulled over again, you will be in handcuffs.  In addition, your insurance WILL be going up.

Question:  What if I enter a plea on my own?  Can’t I can plea “Guilty with an explanation” or “NoloContendre” (Latin for “no contest”)?

Answer:  You can.  Just bring your check book because you are still going to pay.

Question:  What if I enter a plea of “Not Guilty” and defend myself?

Answer:  That is a great way to avoid paying your fine.  IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF.  The prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you DID commit the crime.  Typically this involves the officer who gave you the citation, possibly a radar gun, and lots of other things.  What will you be bringing in your defense – the claim, “Well, your honor, I know that the prosecutor and the peace officer with his expensive equipment and years of training are saying I was speeding, but I swear I wasn’t?”  While there is a remote chance that might work for you, history and reality say that’s a strategy that will pretty much always fail.

Beat the System

Order BEAT THE SYSTEM today. Save yourself a fortune on the ticket you have today, and keep saving yourself on any ticket you get in the future too.  Don’t wait, click HERE to order and start fighting that fine now.

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